How to choose costume jewelry?

For the majority, costume jewelry is poor quality accessories, intended for the lower class. However, these jewels are also beautiful jewelry that all women can wear to enhance their clothing. But, to fully enjoy them, you need to choose them carefully? So, how to choose your costume jewelry correctly? This article tells you more.

What is costume jewelry? 

Costume jewelry is a fashion accessory like any other. However, it stands out from other gems by its composition. Costume jewelry is in fact made from less precious materials than noble metals such as gold, silver or platinum. It can be composed of:

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  • Non-precious metals: brass, stainless steel, copper, aluminum;
  • Fine stones: turquoise, lapis lazuli, agate, jade;
  • Synthetic stones: rhinestones, glass, resin;
  • Natural materials: wood, shell, cultured pearl;
  • Textile materials: ribbon, lace, leather.

The costume jewelry available at Evry Jewels also stands out from classic jewelry by its more affordable price and its wide variety of styles, colors and shapes. They allow you to accessorize an outfit and express your personality without damaging your buttocks.

Criteria to take into account when choosing costume jewelry

Costume jewelry is a very affordable accessory, especially for the middle class. But, nonetheless, these gems are a very good choice for people who want to enhance their style. However, you must choose them properly to benefit from the advantages they offer. To do this, here are some parameters to take into account.

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Your personal style

The first criterion to take into account is your personal style. You may be casual, chic, sportswear, vintage, bohemian or romantic. Or you prefer discreet and elegant jewelry, or imposing and original pieces. All these parameters must be considered if you want to choose costume jewelry that suits your tastes.

When it comes to colors and materials, your choice must also be made depending on whether you prefer gold or silver jewelry, colorful or rather neutral. Above all, be sure to choose accessories that match your style, this guarantees you a certain confidence and unparalleled comfort.

The shape of your face and your body type

The shape of your face and your morphology are also quite important criteria for choosing your costume jewelry. If you have a round face for example, the ideal would be to turn to dangling earrings which will elongate your face.

On the other hand, round or oval earrings and long necklaces that soften facial features are much more suitable for square faces. And, if you are small, it is imperative to avoid jewelry that is too bulky and will weigh you down. However, if you are a little long, don't hesitate to wear imposing jewelry to highlight your figure.

The quality of the materials

Costume jewelry is less expensive than fine jewelry. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect quality when it comes to making your choice. It is important to choose quality jewelry, while considering the current trend. This will allow you to be fashionable, and will prevent you from having to frequently invest in accessories.

You can also choose your costume jewelry according to the occasion. Whether for a birthday, a wedding, a gala evening or a dinner, the choice will not be the same.